Acrylic stool


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Description of the product

The acrylic stool

Dimensions: 297 x 420 x 450 mm (length x width x height)

Plexiglas, Lucite or PMMA... All these names refer to a single material commonly called acrylic. Acrylic offers the possibility to create extraordinary furniture, buildings and sculptures outside and inside the home. It is a noble and exceptionally beautiful material. Due to its great aesthetic qualities, it is conquering the world of interior designers and architects.

Acrylic features:

Impact resistance
greater optical clarity of the material than glass
Surface hardness and high gloss
Resistance to most chemicals
Release for contact with food
Can be used at temperatures from -34°C to 71°C

We guarantee our products:

will not turn yellow
will not become milky
will not become cloudy
Are made of acrylic from world-leading companies

The guarantee does not apply:

improper maintenance and use that does not correspond to the intended use
Contact with corrosion-causing acrylic chemicals


Clean the product with water and a soft cloth. Any sticky substances can be easily removed with a small amount of alcohol. Special acrylic cleaning and polishing agents can be used.
Any scratches and tarnish can be removed by successively sanding the surface with 400, 600 and 800 grit paper. It is then recommended to polish with lacquer polishing paste.


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