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FORYOU One-piece shower screen with towel rail


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Description of the product

The bath screen is a compromise for those who want to have both a bathtub and a cabin despite the small space in the bathroom. The single screen of the FOROU 900 series is equipped with a railing, which serves both as a handle and a convenient towel rail.

One-piece shower screen - compromise between bath and shower

It has been coated with a Clean Control nanocoating that makes cleaning easier. The screen was made of 6 mm transparent tempered glass. It is equipped with a raised hinge, which makes folding and unfolding the screen even more convenient.

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Files to download:

Technical data
Length 730 mm
Height 1450 mm
Installation width 710-730 mm
Towel rail length 450 mm
Movement range 180°
Glass thickness 6 mm


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