When choosing a bathtub in the bathroom, especially if the space is small, you need to plan the whole set-up carefully so that you can use not only the tub but also other furnishings without any problems. A pre-wall bathtub is one of the models chosen by most customers. It is characterised by functionality, is very practical and at the same time has a versatile and timeless design. However, the classic shapes of the bathtub are more and more often replaced by untypical and more modern designs. As a result, bathtubs are increasingly reminiscent of modern works of art, ensuring that the bathroom presents itself in a cubist or futuristic style. A pre-wall bathtub, as the name suggests, stands with one side directly against the wall. The other three sides are freely accessible, so you can practically enter it from three sides. It works well in both a large and a smaller bathroom.

Modern acrylic pre-wall bathtub
Each of our pre-wall bathtubs is made of acrylic. It is a material that is resistant to mechanical damage, friction and discolouration. It retains its aesthetic appearance for a long time, its brilliant white colour does not discolour, and there are no unsightly marks such as scratches or imperfections on the surface. A great advantage of an acrylic bathtub is that it is easy to clean. We wash it with normal detergents so that no permanent stains and dirt are visible.

A pre-wall bathtub can be equipped with different types of fittings - above the tub, on the wall or even freestanding. The choice depends not only on the interior style, but also on the practical aspects and the space available. You can place the bath with the long side facing the wall, leaving free space on three sides, or in the corner, which is a good solution for small rooms. In our range you will find a pre-wall bathtub with effective, discreetly rounded sides, which goes very well with the elegant interior. There is also a bathtub with a slightly curved backrest, which you can adjust very well to your body for more relaxation.

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