The Solid Surface bathtub is a line of exclusive bathtubs and is definitely the best choice for any type of bathroom. If your bathroom is to look more like a relaxation zone and meet these requirements, choose our freestanding bathtub.

Bathtub Sense is a composite bath made in the so-called Solid Surface technology. Solid Surface bathtubs are warm to the touch, retain water heat, effectively extending a relaxing bath. Solid Surface material is the highest shelf when it comes to strength and resistance to dirt. It is easy to use both at home and in the business environment. Colors and patterns occur throughout the entire thickness of the material, so they cannot be worn. It is a homogeneous, non-terminating material. The surface is renewable, which means it can be restored to its original condition with a sponge and ordinary non-scratching cleaner. This is a very simple way to remove dirt. The surface is hygienic resistant, it has bacteria.

Solid Surface products blend well with other materials used in construction (glass, stone, acrylic and stainless steel). They give the interior coziness, while helping to preserve the elegant and modern look of the rooms.