Their unique and original design attracts the attention of fans of unusual interiors. Oval bathtubs are very different from all other solutions. They present themselves in a completely different way and are also installed in a completely different way than the rectangular models. Although they are somewhat similar to freestanding bathtubs, their installation is quite different. We can place oval bathtubs in the bathroom either centrally, against the wall, in the corner or in any other place. However, the bathtub is... embedded in the floor, so if you choose this model, a special construction and floor must be installed. However, it is not a problem for those who want to indulge in a little luxury in their private bathroom.

Round bathtubs - an idea for an original interior
Round bathtubs are usually somewhat larger than the typical bathtub models. If their shape is more oval, they are usually about 2 m long and about 1 m wide. Round bathtubs have a diameter of 150 cm. If the space we have available is rather narrow and long, an oval bathtub would be a better choice. With a spacious bathroom on a square floor plan, we can also opt for a round bathtub. To present it effectively, choose floor tiles in a contrasting colour to go with it. Since the bathtub is usually white, very suitable in this case are tiles that look like concrete to make the room appear warmer - wood-coloured tiles. If you want to make the room look minimalist, you can go for white floor tiles and the fitting in classic black.

Oval bathtub in the bedroom?
More and more often, you see the bathtub in the bedroom as well. So why not opt for a luxury solution and thus for a round bathtub? However, one must remember that in this case the bedroom should be very large in order to be able to use both the bed and the wardrobe as well as the bathtub comfortably.

Buy round bathtub and create an extraordinary and luxurious interior.

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