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Bathtub with whirlpool 190×120 cm INSPIRE & COMFY

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Description of the product

Whirlpool 190×95 cm

The Inspire system is based on an air and water massage with chromotherapy function. We start the programme by switching on one of three automatic chromotherapy programmes. Then we start the water-air massage, which acts on the most neuralgic areas. Water and air act on our muscles by massaging individual parts of the body. 20 to 30 minutes of such a bath with massage is enough to fall asleep more easily after a hard day and to wake up the next morning refreshed with a body that is well prepared for further challenges. The Inspire system is a water-air system with 6-diode chromotherapy RGB Power LED.

Features of the Whirlpool 190×95 Inspire&Comfy

The water massage, also called hydrotherapy, massages our body with the help of a water jet, which is directed with the jets to neuralgic points of our body (feet, back as well as sides of the body). The water flows out of the jets under pressure as a constant jet and loosens the tired muscles. The four Shiatsu jets in the backrest are positioned in such a way that the water jets are not directly directed at the spine. The Inspire system has a three-stage water massage that is regulated with a button. We recommend it especially to people with tense muscles due to excessive exercise or staying in the same position for too long.

The air massage, also called a pearl bath, is a bath in air bubbles that are released from nozzles in the bathtub floor. Through the massage, the body regenerates and experiences a beneficial effect through contact with thousands of air bubbles. Through the massage, they relieve muscle pain and provide a beneficial therapeutic effect for cramps and bruises. It is a massage that allows rapid relaxation. The Inspire system has a three-stage air massage.

Chromotherapy is the gentlest form of therapy using colours and their influence on our psyche. Warm and energetic colours (red, orange, yellow, pink) invigorate, cold colours (green, turquoise, blue, violet) relax. The programme allows harmony to be achieved through the use of a full colour palette. Chromotherapy has become a popular addition to hydromassage systems. The Inspire system has three built-in chromotherapy programmes (Active, Relax and Complex). Thanks to its use, we can positively influence our well-being.

The INSPIRE hydromassage system is available with tubs from the COMFY series.

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Files to download:

Technical data
Length 1900 mm
Wide 955 mm
Height 620 mm
Depth 490 mm
Rim height 60 mm
Weight 30,5 kg
Litres 260 l
Diameter of the drain opening 52 mm
Overflow hole Yes
Warranty 2 years
Standard accessories Tub feet, instructions/guarantee
Material Sanitary acrylic
Colour Bianco


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