The standard models are rectangular, approx. 160 cm long and each have two sides of equal length that are arranged at right angles to each other. However, there are also bathtubs that are characterised by non-standard dimensions and atypical shape. These are asymmetrical bathtubs. Their sides are of different lengths, and the angles between the respective sides are also different. They are characterised by both original design and high functionality. They are used in rooms that are difficult to furnish, with a small surface area, but also in those that are originally styled. An asymmetrical corner bathtub can also be used as a decorative interior element, thus maintaining the minimalist character of the room and eliminating the need for additional decorative elements. In our range, you will find several asymmetric bathtubs that differ from each other in size and shape.

For which area is an asymmetric corner bath best suited?
The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the flat, which significantly limits our options when it comes to furnishing it. We try to use its surface as effectively as possible, so we also fill the corners with furniture or other objects. An asymmetrical corner bathtub is an excellent fit for such a room. In this way, we can not only use the corner appropriately, but can also adapt the bathtub optimally to the size of the room thanks to the different lengths of the sides. Where the side is shorter, we can hang the washbasin, for example, which is increasingly practised in very small rooms. Asymmetrical corner bathtubs with non-standard dimensions and shapes lend the room a certain dynamism and prove their worth in modern or modernist rooms dominated by simple and geometric shapes, light surfaces and high functionality. They also provide a high level of bathing comfort thanks to their large volume and relatively small dimensions, so they take up less space but offer exceptional comfort.

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